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Hygiene - Taking Responsibility!

The accredited Testing Laboratories and Inspection Bodies of the HygCen Group are internationally recognized and contribute through substantiated test methods to quality assurance in health care and health tourism world wide.

Hence it is clear that “Responsibility” is the main corporate philosophy of all Members of the HygCen Group.

"The journey is the reward!" - This metaphor is known by everyone who knows the wonderful world of mountaineering and climbing in particular.

But rather applies to us and our customers:

 "Only the responsible journey is the right journey to the reward!"

 Just as the climbing partner in mountaineering unconditionally trusts in the responsible thinking and actions of the other, the accredited testing laboratories of Hygcen Group and their employees also takes responsibility for and with our customers.

This is also obvious by the mere fact that the management of scientific-technical affairs of each member of the HygCen Group always now and in the future is carried out by medical staff.

In particular, since the issues in infection prevention and hygiene are very difficult to answer by pure evidence-based medicine, a qualified and well-founded expert opinion is imperative in the future.

This necessarily leads us to make only such decisions  with the involvement of medical responsibility, not only to our direct customers, but also to the users or patients of services and products of our customers.

Every employee of the members of Hygcen Group is committed to this responsibility in a credo not only to the customers but also especially to his colleagues.

We see this as the basic requirement in order to always provide high-quality services while working with and for our customers long-term to be able to offer better benefits and safety to the user.